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Welcome to the cooler climes of September SOUL family! What a beautiful Summer we have had, I genuinely hope that you all made the best of it.

July and August are funny months for training as the school year is wrapping up, exams are being taken and everyone is going on holiday. As a parent I know how busy this period is but now September is here its back to business!


Well done to everyone that graded on September 1st at Sturminster Newton! Sturfit is actually one of my favourite places to grade although I did turn up at the Boxing Club first thinking that I was off to sparring 😆
It was lovely to see such a big group of white belts entering the grading system and the standard was very high! There is nothing quite like that first examination, the self-doubt and the dry mouth..I thought you all did a wonderful job up there so keep it going now!

Red belts also showed a high standard and performed brilliantly. Red belt is actually quite technical as the jump between white and red adds crescent kicks and the infamous sliding jab. I’ll always remember going backwards instead of forwards in mine and hoping to God that Ma’am hadn’t clocked me!

Yellow and Orange belt is where things begin to get serious as the sparring begins. Yellow belt, as you will know, is ‘no contact’ with upper body only but this is very tricky to stick to when the adrenalin is flowing and its good fun to watch.

Blue and brown belts were fantastic, and I saw as much as I could between warming up myself and fretting about my combinations. My son Josh made the big transition between blue and brown with this group and everyone looked very well drilled. A big well done to Susan Tamang for getting through this test as I know Susan felt poorly on the morning! Sometimes waiting the three months for the next grading just isn’t an option.
I was up with the brown belt/brown belt white stripe group and the four of us gave it our best shot. I’m very happy to say that I passed and am now in the waiting period for the black belt training to begin. Well done to my partner Jim Dale, Isaac Rich and Abi James for performing to such a high standard. Abi has one more to go but for the three of us that was our final colour belt grading as we are now brown belt black stripes!


As I am writing this, I am seeing some lovely pictures on Facebook for the Water Park at Corfe Castle. I had to work but it looks as if everyone had an amazing time on what will probably be one of the final sunny weekends of the year ☀️

Mrs Mayne is holding a Sunday morning fitness class on the 6th of October and I will definitely be attending. Its an 8am start at Tarrant Keyneston Hall which is located opposite the True Lovers Knot Pub between Wimborne and Blandford. Make sure you are there for a good early blast!

This Friday (13th) is sparring at Sturminster Newton Boxing Club and it would be great to see lots of people coming along to support the evening. It’s a 6pm start and a great opportunity to get some cardio and some decent sparring rounds in!


On the 19th October S.O.U.L. Kickboxing is taking part in a charity tournament with KR Martial Arts and SDMA Martial Arts. So far 7 of us are matched with opponents…Mrs Mayne, Mr Stokes, Mr Solly (Senior), Abi James, Ben Cornick, Josh Whild and myself. If you want to take part, please grab a form from one of the instructors and get collecting sponsorship. We are supporting an amazing charity called Mind which helps people suffering from mental health issues. It’s also a perfect excuse to get in the ring and have a good evening!


🥊Looking forward to seeing you all in class! Tim Whild 🥊