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Welcome to 2019 S.O.U.L. family, I hope you all had a peaceful (and indulgent) Christmas break, and managed to survive the ‘killer flu’ that was circulating in early December. Most of us are now nicely rested and ready to return to training...there is nothing quite like that first session to return us to reality!


First up is the amazing grading weekend at the start of December.
Mr Stokes has been waiting to take his 3rd Degree exam since I began training in 2016 and has been hampered by several injuries, so it was an absolute pleasure to hear that he finally achieved it. A massive congratulations to Miss Fry who passed her 2nd Degree exam on the same day and also to Chris and Finn Solly who are also now 2nd Degree black belts. Well done all of you, it is such an incredible achievement!

The next day we saw a large colour belt grading and the standard was great. I remember being a white belt in my first grading, nervous and tired, and the first thing to slip is etiquette. I’m pleased to say that the standard was top notch throughout and an absolute pleasure to watch everyone putting in maximum effort. My son Josh made his transition from green to purple which he has been waiting to take for some time and passed with a B! Well done Josh!

The Christmas Presentation was lovely and held in Durweston Hall. The hall looked very festive and when I arrived by taxi I realised that we were sharing the event with KR Martial Arts and SD Martial arts.
This made for a great atmosphere as it was very busy and there were lots of awards to give out. Chris Solly and I drunk a lot of rum which my body did not thank me for the next day!


We are now into the New Year and how many of you made resolutions or targets that you intend to keep this year? There is something very powerful about the collective intention of this date and my aim is to stay healthy, not over-train myself (something that I always seem to do) and take my white and black stripes by the end of the year. All of a sudden the initial target that I made (nearly) three years ago seems very close.
Training in January is a fine art. The evenings are beginning to get lighter by approximately one minute per day, but the weather is still extremely cold...make sure that you are warm before you start training and have dry clothes to change into immediately when you finish. This will eliminate any possibility of pesky strains or chesty colds, all of which can put you back by weeks at a time.


Finally, Mrs Rich has started a regular training session for Friday nights in Wool which is on the doorstep of the Purbecks. Not only does this give us an extra night to train but also opens the door to new S.O.U.L. members. The location is the D’Urberville Centre, Wool, BH20 6DL. Please go along and support this class as it will be a great addition to the weekly calendar.
Friday night sparring is changing slightly. Instead of monthly, Ma’am will now be running it once every six weeks and will be ‘booking in advance’ to ensure that the evening is supported.


Looking forward to seeing you all at training!


Tim Whild 🥊