Karen Mayne 5th Degree

I'm Karen Mayne and I run SOUL KICKBOXING.

Since I was 6 I've always been part of a form of martial arts. I did Tae Kwon-Do first for 14 years, then found that I wanted to challenge myself in a different form of art. Boxing became that challenge. I had a few amateur bouts, which I loved every minute of. I then made the decision a few years later to move back to an art where I could use my legs again as felt more familiar to me, I felt lost without my legs if honest. That is when I found my passion for Kickboxing.

I trained many years under a different association and then decided I wanted more than just the training, I wanted to become an Instructor to pass on the knowledge and to see others progress to there ability within the art. That's when I formed S.O.U.L KICKBOXING December 2013.

Since starting S.O.U.L I’ve never looked back!

S.O.U.L. KICKBOXING is made up from so much more than just Kickboxing, the students are great and each individual brings their own personal challenge to achieve.

S.O.U.L. has a few qualified and very knowledgeable Instructors in the art and just keeps growing. Its lovely to watch and be part of it all.


Regards myself..…

Love fitness as a whole whether running, visiting the gym or long peaceful dog walks. Personally fitness is not only good for the body but also helps the mind and caters for each individuals needs how ever its needed.

The best thing I receive from teaching my classes is how much I see the students achieving their individual goals, their inspirational.

S.O.U.L KICKBOXING really is a huge fitness family and I’m so proud to be part of it all.


Rob Stokes 3rd Degree

Myself and my family started training in martial arts back in 2000, it was a great way to come together and share a hobby as a family. I started kickboxing in 2006 and soon got hooked, I attend most S.O.U.L Kickboxing classes.  S.O.U.L students and teachers see me more than my wife as I'm both a student and a stand in Instructor.


I started kickboxing to improve my fitness and to lose weight, however size is not something that the instructors at S.O.U.L focus on. At S.O.U.L it's all about fitness, strength and finding out what works best for each individual, fortunately the

result of that is often weight loss. I have always believed that kickboxing is for everyone and the team at S.O.U.L provides a great environment and atmosphere for people to achieve their goals. That's why at 58, I am still setting myself targets and seeking the next achievement, becoming an instructor and helping to guide the students is very rewarding and I am very proud to be a part of the S.O.U.L team.

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