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Hello S.O.U.L. Family,


Hope you have all been enjoying our warm Autumn. This newsletter will now be written every three months to keep us all up to date on what is happening within our club and what we have got to look forward to. Firstly, we have a new website that Mrs Mayne has been putting some serious hours into! By the time you are reading this it will be finished and will give easy access to club news, training timetables for all belts, upcoming events and gradings and also new classes that are taking place.


September and October have been busy months! A few days before the end of the Summer Hols we had the grading at Ferndown which was one of the best I’ve seen yet. Every belt put up a cracking display of etiquette, technique and full on effort. The weather was still very warm which as you will all know can make that 45 minutes seem like a long time and a massive congratulations to Isaac for getting the credit pass and receiving his brown belt with top marks!


One of my favourite memories of the year will be the tournament on the 7th October. Again, we had beautiful warm weather after the early chill dispersed and this event was incredibly well supported with six groups competing, and a large group of parents and spectators cheering the fighters on.
All of the competitors fought very hard and I personally think there were some very brave youngsters in the first two groups! My son Josh was in the 3rd group and won both his fights (good to see you back Josh!)
I fought in the fifth group and although I lost my fights (sorry about the leg catch Chris!) I thoroughly enjoyed the day...there is something about a tournament atmosphere that cannot be replicated anywhere else and hopefully we can look forward to another one in the New Year. Jim Dale won Fighter of the Day after a hard bout against the very experienced Dan, who we will all agree was a brilliant sport and a pleasure to watch in the ring.

A big thank you to Mrs Mayne and the black belts (plus assistants) who gave up their Sunday to make it possible.


In December there is going to be a big grading for our black belts the day before the colour belt grading. Mr Stokes will be taking his 3rd degree exam, Miss Fry will be taking her 2nd degree and so will both the Mr Solly's. We all know how hard these black belts work and how tough the examinations are so I would like to wish them the very best of luck with their training over the next few months. We will be celebrating with them at the Xmas Party on 15th December!


You all know the drill in the colder months. Wrap up warm before and after training and make sure you are in good health when you turn up to class! Looking forward to seeing you there 🥊


Tim Whild.