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Newsletter: February 2021

Hello Sirs & Ma’ams

Thought I’d take the opportunity to write a newsletter to you all rather than just twiddle my thumbs today.

I know you are all aware that the world has been a peculiar place this last year. The last grading SOUL held was over eleven months ago now! Honestly this breaks my heart as SOUL students have always given 110% in classes or during a grading so in my eyes you all deserve to be further up the ladder in your personal Kickboxing journeys.

Bigger picture though, you are all safe.


This year has been a bit different from how I’d ever imagined it within SOUL KICKBOXING. It hasn’t been about the usual turning up to the training hall and see what Mrs.Mayne is going to shout at us this evening. This year has been ‘I don’t know what to call it?’ crazy time’s!!

SOUL has done it all from quizzes to challenges to Zooming. Also lots of individuals have requested lesson plans and syllabus’ emailed to practice at home. One day in the halls, the next we were not and this continued to change repeatedly throughout.  

Whichever part of this rollercoaster of a year you have been involved in you need to be very proud of. It has been tough on us all so give yourself a huge ‘pat on the back’ for that!


I’m aware during this process some things have not been for everyone and that’s ok, well done for just doing what you felt you could or wanted to. I am also aware of the SOUL family environment that has continued via messages, group chats or phone calls from one another regards checking in with each other. That right there is 100% SOUL fellowship and that's what SOUL's about. 

SOUL as you all know stands for Spirit, Opportunity, Unison and Loyalty. Well I have seen your Spirits keep on going during this difficult time. The Opportunity to quit has arisen but yet you decided to keep dedicated how you chose to. Were all in this together which equals the Unison. And I have witnessed firsthand the Loyalty to the association and training. You students are admirable!!


I wanted to take this time to Thank You all hugely. I know I educate you in the art of Kickboxing but I am always learning much more through you my students. I have seen kindness, adaptability, passion, concern and challenges taken head on this past year. Without SOUL members (whether be family or student) continuing as you do we wouldn’t have a SOUL KICKBOXING. You people are the SOUL energy and inspiration so Thank you.


Now finishing with a Chin up high and fingers crossed tightly attitude…..

Soon enough we will have some form of normality in the training halls, being beasted by either myself or Mr.Stokes. Or maybe even by the three new assistants instructors SOUL is luckily to of gained last year.

Gradings will be held in time and you Sirs and Ma’ams can continue your journey up the ladder of grades as you deserve too.


Stay healthy everyone however this may be for you.

And remember only ever a call away if can help with anything.



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