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Meet the Instructors

Karen Mayne
5th Degree

'Queen Bee'

Head Instructor


Hi, I'm Karen; the one who founded S.O.U.L KICKBOXING! I first stepped into martial arts when I was 6 years old, beginning in the style of Tae Kwon-Do. Once I'd dedicated 14 years to this art, I decided I needed a different challenge and so my journey led me down the path of boxing and kickboxing. However, I missed my feet way too much with regards to boxing so kickboxing it was!


My heart lies within kickboxing, and it is an honor to be able to pass on the passion I have for this art to others who are stepping onto this path also.


S.O.U.L KICKBOXING is something I am truly grateful for. The family environment that every single class holds, through the fact that every soul is welcome, astounds me.


It is literally a big loving family! Every single student turns up to each class for themselves, yet everyone is there in togetherness helping each other to rise.

My place of zen! Teaching is my place of zen. Teaching sport is the added bonus. The alchemy & the movement of the body is therapy, my go to place for release and fun, so I resonate personally with every soul who walks through the door each session. My personal favourites are:

Practicing padwork

Kickboxing skills





In my spare time, you'll likely find me in the woods somewhere with a good book, headphones in and chilling on a blanket.


As an instructor, every moment is a privilege.


I get to watch people evolve through their dedication and progression.


I get to witness all the self-discipline and hard work they give pay off.


The increase in the students' confidence.


The improved posture and freedom of movement through flexibility.


The relaxation within them on the mind-body connection in a safe space.

Better coordination and all-around fitness.


Increased social skills.

If you are guided to come join us, I look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the S.O.U.L family!

Karen Mayne

Rob Stokes
4th Degree

Stand-In Instructor


To improve my fitness and to lose weight I began kickboxing, however size is not something that the instructors at S.O.U.L focus on.


At S.O.U.L it's all about fitness, strength and finding out what works best for each individual, fortunately the result of that is often weight loss.

Myself and my family started training in martial arts back in 2000, it was a great way to come together and share a hobby as a family.


I started kickboxing in 2006 and soon got hooked, I attend most S.O.U.L Kickboxing classes.  S.O.U.L students and teachers see me more than my wife as I'm both a student and a stand in Instructor.


I have always believed that kickboxing is for everyone and the team at S.O.U.L provides a great environment and atmosphere for people to achieve their goals.


That's why at 58, I am still setting myself targets and seeking the next achievement, becoming an instructor and helping to guide the students is very rewarding and I am very proud to be a part of the S.O.U.L team.


Chris Solly
3rd Degree

Assistant Instructor

S.O.U.L Kickboxing is a collective of diverse and genuine people. The respect, warmth and support given by those of all grades appears unrivaled.


Such training environments enable everyone to reach their potential without fear of judgement, whatever the ability or age.




Tim Whild
2nd Degree

Assistant Instructor


My name is Tim Whild and I began training with S.O.U.L. Kickboxing in June 2016. I now have the pleasure of passing those years of knowledge and enthusiasm to others in the club.  

I have in-depth knowledge of what it takes to go through the belt system and love the respect, happiness, and discipline that we share.  


I believe that martial arts provides an essential ingredient to a balanced life as well as teaching us how far we can go with dedication and discipline. It has helped me to find peace and focus during busy or challenging times. 

You can achieve so much with a positive attitude and like-minded souls around you!


I am an assistant instructor so you will see me helping Ma'am out on busy days, gradings, and tournaments! 


Darren Welton
1st Degree

Assistant Instructor


Hi, I am Darren

I have been training with S.O.U.L Kickboxing for just over 7 years, and achieved my 1st degree Black Belt in June 2022. I have also completed the S.O.U.L assistant instructor course.

Prior to S.O.U.L, I trained at a Jeet Kune Do club for just over a year, and in my teenage years, 3 years at a Wado-Ryu Karate Club.

My daughter has also joined S.O.U.L and has now reached her Brown/White Stripe grade. I would like to say she was inspired by me to join, but she said it was one of our teenage girl black belts that spurred her on to join.



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