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Newsletter: July 2022

Hi Sirs & Ma'ams - Been a while since I wrote a catch up Newsletter so thought I’d best do one so here I am!


We are just over half way through the year and 2022 has been a great one for SOUL KICKBOXING. So far we have held two colour belt gradings and one Black belt grading. The benchmark within those gradings again were met and were phenomenal as always, especially our very own legend Mr.Stokes receiving such a high grade 4th Degree, Congratulations Sir!!

As you are all aware at a colour belt grading I have to choose who deserves the final overall one credit pass. During the June grading  I had a list of names next to me that just kept on growing as each new grade group came on up. Finally the last group came up, the fifth group, which within it it had partners David Lewis and Joe Hitchcock. Joe literally knocked everyone else of the list, his grit and determination he found in himself to continue at that high level throughout the whole grading  was incredible….Well Done Joe Sir, credit where credit is due!

This also got me thinking afterwards, when I get to sit back and evaluate as I do, that this shows me how well everyone is displaying and fulfilling their learning within the art. Such a high level of standards from White belt all the way up to Black, it does make it hard for me to choose in the first place throughout you all but that only an amazing problem to have. You all should be very proud, I know I am.


We are now luckily at the moment experiencing some glorious weather; plenty of sunshine to make us all feel that little bit better in our days. And lucky for us we managed to keep that Sunshine for the whole of our SOUL KICKBOXING camp at the end of June. WHAT FUN THAT WAS!! We did plenty of training, lots of eating, loads of socializing and more importantly there were lots of laughs! There may have been a few drinks for the adults and as for the kid’s marshmallows around the fire, though the adults got involved with the marshmallows of course and making it into a competition, seeing how many giant marshmallows Sam Bigwood could fit in his mouth at once lol! New nicknames were formed for some students, which gladly have continued into laughs in the classes, all part of our respectfully family banter!

I only received positive feedbacks regarding the camp so all a win win and a very successful weekend all round.

Beach training – we have had one beach session a couple weeks ago, which to be honest was more off shore than on! It was a beautiful day and didn’t want you all getting hot!  We actually have another one this week but as its cooler I’ll possibly be kinder?!  These again I always receive great feedback, so if debating it I highly recommend coming to try for a difference atmosphere in the class environment.


Just to finish up I’d like to acknowledge that SOUL has been very fortunate lately to have had many newbie’s join us. We always welcome those newbie’s and I see the ‘oldies’ always willing to help and pass on their knowledge from the get go, it is heart-warming  to watch. So if you happen to be a newbie and reading this 'Welcome and I hope your settling in just fine with our SOUL family.'

Thank you to everyone for allowing me to teach such a great bunch of human beings. And also for letting me be part of your growth on your Kickboxing journey.



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