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Newsletter: June 2020 (Karen Mayne)

Hi Everyone

Today I decided to give the SOUL website a little revamp. Whilst I was swapping, changing and updating things I noticed how much money us as a SOUL family have managed to raise up until now for various charities. I'm very proud to be able to say I'm part of that so thank you very much to everyone who's ever taken part or donated. Sadly this year we have had to cancel our planned Rocket race for the charity Teddy20 but trust me were be back with more fundraisers next year!

I wanted to take this time to mention all the support I have felt during this 'lock-down.' When something new is thrown at you sometimes it can be hard to adapt to the change but I have to honestly say that when the online ZOOM classes were reinforced everyone who joined them gave the best feedback and loved that SOUL could continue in any form possible. Yes ideally 'in the flesh' so to speak is how we all would've wanted to continue but without that being the case our SOUL family adapted to suit, our love for the sport outweighed anything that would get in the way to stop us being able to do it.

2013 to 2020, 7 years SOUL has been up and running now. I have to say a lot of you students who were with me from the very start are still here and we've been very fortunate to have more and more people who have come to join us. I have had the pleasure to watch many of you go from White belt to Black belt and even continue to grow after that, whether be umpiring at a tournament or even becoming an instructor yourself under SOUL. To watch so many people go on their personal journey from white belt to red belt to yellow then onward is so rewarding and uplifting. My students are my inspiration!

For me over the years SOUL has had so many events; gradings, tournaments, fundraisers, beach training, award evenings, xmas parties, 1:1 training sessions, Fight nights, Kickboxing camp, Water park fun day out.....the list is endless and so is the joy that comes with each and every one of those events too. 

'SOUL Kickboxing will continue to keep up with whatever the people want' is my motto!!

Thanks for taking the time to read this,                                             Miss.Mayne


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