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Newsletter: June 2020 (Tim Whild)

Hi SOUL family! Incredibly we are already halfway through this year and mid-summer looms. How are you all doing out there as we begin to return to a semi-normality?

As far as weather is concerned, we have been incredibly fortunate and as I write this, I am keeping a beady eye on the clouds. We are looking forward to training outside with Ma’am tonight! 

The beginning of June would have been the Summer grading and I was due to take my black belt on the 6th. Preparation wise I have continued to train as if I was taking it so hopefully this will pay off later in the year! As well as home workouts my urge to get out early in the morning and run has been increasing. It has been quite eye-opening to see the transition from life when lockdown first started to where we are now. At the beginning it was utterly surreal without a single car on the roads, and now I’m back to the old routine of diving in the hedge on country roads to avoid them!


How many of you have managed to make it to an outdoor class? I got to the first Thursday over at Milborne St Andrew Sports Pavilion and it was absolutely wonderful to be back working in a (small) group. Ma’am has proved many times that you don’t need pads and kick shields for a good workout and the field makes a wonderful space to really stretch out and get back to it.

Until we get back inside together the Zoom online sessions will be keeping us fit and sharp, and I’d like to say thank you to Mrs Mayne and Mrs Rich for their dedication to us during this period. It has been truly amazing to see how everything/everyone adapts in the face of adversity. Contact sports have been hit the hardest by the lockdown and we have been blessed to be able to keep going in the comfort of our homes (and gardens).


A lot of us are now beginning to feel the pull to get back to normal now but others will still be erring on the cautious side. As long as we are listening to the advice that is given and using our common sense, we will all be training together again soon!


I’m now off to have a word with the Weather Gods about this cloud and I’ll look forward to seeing you all again before the next newsletter is due.


🥊 Tim 🥊


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