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Newsletter: March 2020 (Tim Whild)

March is here everyone!

As you read this you will all be aware of the current situation in our country (and globally)

... we are all having to make adjustments to our daily lives.

This also affects us at S.O.U.L.

As this is a blog, I will share my personal interpretations on all of this, and I hope it makes lighter reading for you. My job as a writer and a speaker puts me in contact with a lot of people globally and I believe that we are in the middle of a huge ‘re-set’. China is already returning back to normal and so shall we after things have run their course. In the meantime, I feel that this situation is bringing our collective attention to slowing down, looking after those around us, rising above unnecessary fear and most importantly reviewing our personal health.

I am no medical expert, but I know people who are. A healthy body is a happy body and all of us joined S.O.U.L. with fitness as one of our primary intentions. Anyone who has sparred for longer than one minute and thirty seconds will know that it is essential. We are fit, strong, healthy and committed people but we may have those around us that are vulnerable.

If you are feeling ropey, a bit coldy (or anything else) then stay home and give yourself the care and attention that you need. This is an aspect that many people (including myself) have ignored in the past but things have changed now!

Ma’am will keep us all updated on what is happening with our classes and near-future events that have been organised on the S.O.U.L. calendar.


The March grading was an absolute cracker! Well done to all of you who participated and have received your new belts…and an extra big well done to Amy Turner who was awarded an amazing credit pass.

Sunshine, fresh air, laughter and exercise all boost our immune systems so make sure you are all getting plenty of this safely!

See you all soon,


🥊 Tim Whild 🥊


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