Casey - 12

I have been a member of SOUL Kickboxing for 10 months now, I was really unhappy at school and needed something to help me with my feelings and anger.  When I tried out my trial classes I felt very welcome and accepted, everyone was friendly and helped me a lot.

When I started my grading I didn't think I would be good enough to pass, then my name was called out to get my red belt and I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the lesson.  I am now an orange belt and very proud of my achievements, now I want to keep working hard and get my black belt one day.  

Being at SOUL is helping me with my fitness and most of all really helping me with my feelings and overall happiness.


Casey's Mum (Parents Perspective/Mum's Words!)

My daughter, aged 11, was having a tough time at school which was making her very unhappy.  Alongside support at home we felt a physical outlet would also be beneficial, so I made some enquiries asking about local clubs on Facebook.

Out of all the recommendations that I received one stood out, that was SOUL Kickboxing, firstly because it was mentioned so many times & secondly due to hearing how supportive & positive the club was.

 Low self esteem will mean that she compares herself to others & always with a negative perception of herself.  As her Mum I tell her otherwise but she only half believes it, whereas SOUL effectively tells her otherwise at every training session through the support & encouragement given to her there, & again every time she moves up a belt, representing her determination & hard work.  In just 10 months she has passed 3 gradings, achieved a class credit & competed in her first tournament, she can't quite believe it!  

I can clearly see how that inferior mindset is being influenced & slowly but surely turned around by the role models training her at SOUL, all of who she looks up to with a huge respect.

The guidance at SOUL is teaching her a belief that she can achieve as much as the next person if she works for it, and challenges herself despite self doubt.  I am very proud of her & very grateful to have her involved with SOUL Kickboxing. 



Tim Whild -  43

I have been a member of S.O.U.L Kickboxing for just over two weeks now and I am completely hooked.

My son Jake (14) is a brown belt and has been with S.O.U.L for over two years. Under Karen Mayne’s instruction and guidance he has transformed into a highly skilled martial artist. I have attended each of his gradings over the years, and have always been drawn to the lovely atmosphere and relationship between the instructors and students. Everyone is greeted with a smile and even at the highest levels there is no ego, just unity.

Coming from an intensely sporting background I have been a competitive road racer (cycling) since I was 13, and have ridden at Elite level both home and abroad. I hung my wheels up 6 years ago after my job and other circumstances changed, and since then have been working behind a desk as a Hay House author. Kickboxing has saved my sanity!

For those thinking of joining for whatever reason, do it! Be prepared to work hard and push yourself to new limits. It will be worth every minute of your time.


Steve Downs - 32

I have trained under Mrs Mayne doing kickboxing since early 2007. It’s hard to believe that’s almost 11 years ago! I had tried my hand at other martial arts before this, including another kickboxing club which I didn’t get on with. What initially caught my eye about this association was the 2 free sessions which I went to with a group of friends in Blandford on a Thursday night. I enjoyed it so much! I soon started training at also at Wimborne on Wednesday nights too. The reason I love kickboxing is it’s such a social way to keep fit. I’m not personally very good at working out on my own so going to kickboxing where I can rely on others to motivate me to keep going is ideal. People can choose whether they want to try and progress through the grading system or just train for the fitness. The feeling you get when you find out you’ve passed your latest grading is overwhelming. I have made many new friends over the years since starting and many more acquaintances. Kickboxing is definitely something I would recommend to anyone looking to keep fit or looking to start a martial art but not quite sure which one to choose. I personally recommend it to almost everyone I speak to.



Chris Solly - 38

My 8 year old boy and I started Soul Kickboxing together as a way of spending some quality father and son time together. It was also a great opportunity to introduce him to the discipline, fitness and skills associated with this type of martial art. He has totally embraced everything that Soul Kickboxing has to offer and I have noticeably seen his self confidence grow as a result.  My only concern is there will come a day when he is bigger, better and stronger than me, but until then his bed time remains at 8. o'clock. 


Another S.O.U.L. junior.......